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The Truth About Why Nurses Open Scrubs Businesses

Building a business from the ground up is hard work and starting a scrubs business is no different. It requires commitment, lots of research, and most importantly, diligence. However, the biggest concern for most of my students is whether they can succeed even if they’re not nurses. My answer is always a resounding “absolutely!”

You can have any professional background and still build a thriving scrubs business. While the scrubs industry tends to be dominated by white males, more and more African American women are launching their businesses in this space. Let me share with you a few reasons why nurses in particular are great candidates for joining this industry.


Here's Why I Decided to Start My Scrubs Business

I’ve been a nurse for 17 years, so I understand the struggles of the job. I tend to

address nurses because of those struggles. I also understand wanting to do something different but not necessarily away from the medical industry. That was one of the reasons I started selling uniforms.

I started selling scrubs because it was something fun and different. Even better, it wasn't as taxing on my physical and mental health as bedside nursing. Although I love being a nurse and genuinely love my patients, I felt ready for a change. You may also feel that way but are scared of venturing into an unknown part of the medical industry.

The Advantages of Having a Healthcare Background

You may not know exactly where to start, when launching your scrubs business or if it’s even possible for you. But believe me, it’s absolutely possible. While you do not need to work as a nurse or in healthcare to launch a scrubs business, it’s an advantage.

There’s no better person to help others shop for uniforms than someone who's worn them for nearly 20 years. Because of my nursing experience, it’s easier to direct my customers to brands suitable for their needs.

The best part about having a nursing background and doing this business is that I often know what my customers need the most. Therefore, working in the healthcare sector gives you a major advantage because you understand the needs of your customers better. So, leverage your background to help your future customers shop and feel amazing in your products.

You Already Know Your Target Market

All businesses grow and thrive because of the people they serve. And so, you need to know your target market and how best to serve them. However, you don’t need to work in the healthcare sector to understand the needs of healthcare workers. All you need is strong business acumen, excellent research skills, and a mentor or coach guiding you through each step.

If you know your customers’ problems, you can be very successful. You only need to provide a solution to a problem and do that extremely well. Whatever your background is, you have a lot to bring to this industry. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Take your idea and soar with it.

Tina M. Payne, MSN, RN, is a scrubs business coach, entrepreneur, author, and international speaker. She helps nurses launch, grow, and scale their medical scrubs business so they can live a life of wealth and leave the bedside when they are ready. She has helped over 300 people with her blueprint. Click here to join the waitlist for her program and learn how to work more closely with her. You can also join her FREE Facebook group for a FREE checklist to help you get started. Coaching and mentorship for those who need help starting their journey. Check out some free videos on her YouTube Channel.

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