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Bedside burnout 

is real...

The good news is that...after 16+ years as a nurse at the bedside, I've got the answers you've been hoping to find one day.


One of the world's leading online courses helping nurses learn the steps of how to launch a profitable online scrubs business.



When I came to Tina, I needed help navigating the scrub business. I was able to collect bits and pieces of information here and there online, but it was not everything that I was looking for.

After watching all of Tina's Youtube videos, purchasing the Ultimate Scrubs Business Planning Guide and watching previous live videos from Black Nurse Entrepreneurs on Facebook, I decided to invest in my business to get the ball rolling.

I am so happy that I made this decision because I was able to launch my business sooner than I thought I could. She has given many resources like creating a FB group with other scrub business owners and making herself available to answer many questions. If I hadn't purchased the Scrub Shop Academy, I would still be looking for information. Thank you Tina for creating Scrub Shop Academy. You are a blessing in disguise.

- Ruchama JB. @laviescrubs

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